Informative videos on challenge, recipes & features

Watch some of our Team Videos including our features on Global TV where you will see some of our Challenge participants share their inspiring stories!!

Life Transformation!

Thrive and not Just Survive! Hear from the Founders of the Challenge and some of their participants!

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Transformation Challenge

As seen on Global TV, hear from the Transformation Team and how they achieved success and are Maintaining today!

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Are You Toxic?

Signs you may be Toxic and what you can do to rid your body of Impurities and Toxins every day.

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Healthy Eating

Learn how to Cook Healthy Fat Burning Meals, Quick and Easy

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30 Day System

Whats the 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System all about? How it works and Why?

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30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge that started it all! Look at the first 30 Days in your Healthy Journey

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60 Day Transformation Challenge

Hear how these 4 have achieved incredible results and are maintaining with ease!

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What it takes to Transform Your Body and Your Life

Watch how these 4 together have lost 275Lbs and Keeping it off!!

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60 Day Weight Loss Challenge

A Roadmap to successful Weight Loss, Healthy Habits and Maintenance for Life!

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