Body fat reduced from 16.9% to 9.4%

"My name is Brad, I am 59 years old and a competitive cyclist and I started using the Isagenix Amped program to support my training in early 2016.

As I look back all I can say is “WOW!” A transformation and then some!! I continued to hit the bike training hard and the gym harder than ever; nutritionally supported along the way with a full suite of Isagenix products. I released 13.3 pounds of fat and gained 4.3 pounds in lean muscle mass, my body fat reduced from 16.9% to 9.4%.

So physically a big change which has given me even more confidence on the bike. But for me its more than just physical; this Challenge has been the catalyst for a transformation of body, mindset and life direction. I took on the Challenge and discovered even higher levels of energy and focus.

And, for that, I will be forever grateful. With the new found confidence I know I can achieve anything and my 110% belief in the super foods I am fuelling my body with has ignited a passion for helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle".

Get Up! Challenge yourself today

Our Team has helped thousands of people reach their health goals. The Transformation Program is designed for everyone. Our team has a unique and easy to follow 60 day challenge based on our success and on everything we have learned along the way in our own transformation journey. We are passionate about helping you towards change and to reach your goals.