I started my 30 day challenge on May 25th 2014. I remember the date because it was 2 days before my birthday. My partner had actually started 1 week before me as I was sceptical about how this program could work. The reason I jumped in right away after her first week is because she lost 7 pounds in the first week. I saw the results that she achieved and knew this was something I had to do. The support that I received was awesome.

On my birthday I thought that I had to have a glass of red wine and of course desert. I texted Lisa Wolny and she immediately texted me back and said I didn’t need to have wine or cake to have a good night. I also realized that I had made a commitment for 30 days and I would be disappointed in myself if I gave up 2 days in.

I didn’t have the wine and cake and now it has been 16 weeks and I have dropped 35 pounds and 52 total body inches. I am so glad I took the risk and started this program and challenge. It has definitely changed my life and I now have the tools and people to help me when I feel that I need some support or redirection.

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Our Team has helped thousands of people reach their health goals. The Transformation Program is designed for everyone. Our team has a unique and easy to follow 60 day challenge based on our success and on everything we have learned along the way in our own transformation journey. We are passionate about helping you towards change and to reach your goals.