Lost 23.2 lbs & 30.25 inches

When I started, I weighed in at 193.6 lbs. and 353 total body inches.

Shannon Miller came over Dec. 28, 2014 and introduced me and my wife to Isagenix. She showed me her before and after pictures and I was amazed. She is the second person now that I knew who had used the products and it worked for them. So I got to thinking “This would work for me “, and guess what? It did.

I was tired of the way I felt and looked; none of my clothes fit me. I even went up to a size 36 waist and was ashamed. Yup, I could no longer get into my favourite Billabong swim shorts…this was not acceptable. I was tired most days, my stomach was just getting larger and even bending over to put on my work boots in the morning was a chore. I knew at the rate I was going I would either have a heart attack, or end up diagnosed with Diabetes.

I joined this 60-day challenge for so many reasons. To list a few, I wanted to support my wife in her weight loss, I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids and do as many things with them as possible. I also wanted to have energy and live a long and healthy life.

During the challenge, I noticed many changes happening. I would come home from work and not want to have a nap, because, guess what? I still had energy! Instead, I would help my wife in the kitchen and play with the kids! During the week, I would wake up just before my 5:20am alarm and would be ready to start my day. On the weekends, I no longer want to sleep until 9:00am and my wife even tells me I have quite snoring! I am really focussed at work now as well! I rocked those cleanse days around the house with doing all kinds of small renovations and upgrades.

Over all, after only 60 days, I dropped 23.2lbs. of fat and 30.25”! I feel great, the people around me can feel my positive energy and I love love love these great products! Thank you Isagenix!

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Our Team has helped thousands of people reach their health goals. The Transformation Program is designed for everyone. Our team has a unique and easy to follow 60 day challenge based on our success and on everything we have learned along the way in our own transformation journey. We are passionate about helping you towards change and to reach your goals.