Lost 40 LBS

I was used to being very fit and active in every aspect of my youth. I played a lot of sports and excelled at most. Fast forward 20 years and a combination of poor nutrition choices, a sedentary job and a lack of physical activity, I found myself in the emergency room with health problems that were affecting my quality of life.

That is when I decided that it was time to take control of my health. The combination of these 30-day challenges and their supportive environment were instrumental in helping me achieve my goals! I was able to release 40lbs in 16 weeks with Isagenix and I am now working on gaining muscle. I love how adaptable these products are! The Support Group and the 30 Day Challenges have been key to my success.

The accountability has been so great and has helped keep me on track and motivated to keep going and keep progressing each week.

Since being on the products, I have released 70 Lbs and 113 inches, my stress has gone down and I have so much energy to do all the things I want to to do! It has completely changed my life and I'm so grateful.

Get Up! Challenge yourself today

Our Team has helped thousands of people reach their health goals. The Transformation Challenge is designed for everyone. Our team has a unique and easy to follow 60 day challenge based on our success and on everything we have learned along the way in our own transformation journey. We are passionate about helping you towards change and to reach your goals.

About the Challenge