Mike A

ISABODY Finalist

When he was young, Mike. felt like he was on top of the world. He was involved in multiple sports, and he loved to play hockey, with dreams to play professionally one day. As he grew into an adult, he began to struggle with destructive eating and drinking habits, but after he met his wife and they built their lives together, he took up his childhood passion for hockey and even joined a gym.

However, he ended up suffering an injury and was constantly in pain during his rehabilitation. By 29 years old, he had arthritis and degenerative disc disease and was 40 pounds overweight. “I was a 29-year-old feeling like I was 70,” he says.

Mike's wife gave birth to their daughter, and with that came the realization that he needed to create a change. He decided it was time to change and he went all in! He wasn’t going to let anything stop him from succeeding. Mike succeeded in releasing 39 pounds and 51" and also lost 26 percent body fat.

“It completely changed my life and my identity,” he says “I am finally free to be myself and live the life that my family and I both deserve and show others what is truly possible for them. This Program, the amazing Products and this community changed My Life and I have never looked back!

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