Lost 24 lbs & 17 inches

I was old, 71, out of shape and overweight. As I approached 71 I knew changes had to be made. What worried me was that I didn't know if I had the motivation to start something new. I weighed 210 pounds and all that on a 5'5" frame.

For some reason or other I started talking about this with my sister-in-law, Helen Yuck She suggested I try Isagenic's. My first reaction was that I didn't believe that I could do something like a couple shakes a day for 30 days. Helen suggested I visit the Isagenix website. After surfing the sight, I decided to give it a try.

I was worried about three things: 1. I wouldn't stay motivated to complete the whole 30 days; 2. Because of my sedentary lifestyle I would not have the energy to continue; and 3. I love to eat and would quit.

I started the plan and, believe it or not, within 4 days I knew that it would work for me and that I wouldn't have any great trouble completing the 30 days. Quite quickly I began to feel more energy and as I lost more pounds loss my energy increased, I slept better and my motivation to continue to the end of the challenge grew stronger.

Now at the end of the 30 days I feel nothing but gratitude towards Helen and the Isagenex program. The Isagenix products work and the people couldn't be more supportive. I have more energy, I'm thinking clearer, and I am happier. I am so impressed with Isagenix that I have started the Isagenic's ,challenge.

By the way in the 30 days I lost 24 pounds and 17 inches

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