Lost 18.4 Pounds & 47 inches

I started trying many diets like Herbalife, South Beach Diet, LA Weight Loss, etc. but the results never last, and they were not as good as I wanted them to be. 1 Year ago, I started going to the gym and worked out 3 times a week with a personal trainer but after 8 full months of hard work I had lost just a single pound. Because I was not seeing results I looked for a complement to my regular gym workouts and decided to try the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse System coached and inspired by Isabody Challenge Finalists Leanne Kezin and Lisa Wolny.

Just like a Magic Act, after few days I started to see results, I could not believe it, in my first week I lost 4” of my waist and dropped 5.8 lbs. I got excited and went to the weekly coaching meetings and learned not only about healthy weight loss, but also how to restore my energy and improve my overall health. My energy level skyrocketed after I strictly followed the Isagenix System and I went from running only 2 minutes, to being able to run more than an hour non-stop in the treadmill or at the streets if I want. I have lean muscles again and my health is better than ever. I can even see my abs. I am in love with the gym again. I don’t feel like an old person anymore, all pains are gone. Now I can wear clothes that were in the bottom of my closet for more than 7 years, I fit again in my old clothes. I am even thinking in registering for fitness competitions ;)

Isagenix has transformed my life and my health. I am now able to tell other people how Isagenix can change their lives, too, even my family and friends in Colombia started to ask about this wonderful product.

Isagenix has helped me to become a good example and mother for my children and more joyful person all around. Till today, I have lost 18.4 Pounds, 47 1/4” around my body and my body fat % went from 33% to 15.7%.

Now I can say “I have the solution” - Thank you Lisa and Leanne for the amazing group and support, I couldn’t have done it without you!

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